What Both Options Include

Both of the pricing options below will give you lifetime membership and updates to the course, a 30 day money back guarantee as well as 12 months support of 1 to 1 phone calls and emails for whenever you need help with your business.

When the 12 months are up you can purchase a further 12 months support if needed which is currently priced at £49.

If you decide on option 2 then included in this price for you I will install a professional website theme which will be ready for you to start adding products to (the course shows you how to add them) .

I will also configure your website so that Google and all the other search engines can find your website and list it in their search results for people to find your website online.

And on top of all this I will create and install for you a website logo that represents the business and market you are in.

What Happens When You Click the "Buy Now"

When you click the Buy Now button at the bottom of either option you will be taken to a PayPal payment page where you can pay safely and securely through PayPal with an account or as a guest using a debit or credit card. You will then have immediate access to the course.

If purchasing option 2 you will also receive an email explaining what the next steps are in order for me to give you the website features.

HBGCourse Pricing Options

Option 1

Option 2


1) Life Time Membership
2) Life Time Updates
3) 12 Months Phone & Email Support


1) Life Time Membership
2) Life Time Updates
3) 12 Months Phone & Email Support
4) Professional Website Theme Installed
5) Website Configured for all Search Engines
6) Website Logo Created and Installed

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