Meet Nick Squires

Most of muk affiliate marketing trainingy life has been spent in the UK around the London area after having been born in the late 60's and moving with my parents from the midlands region of affiliate marketing training

I am the eldest of 3 brothers. I am in a long term relationship with a French lady with whom I have a child with.


In terms of career, well there has never actually been one. I knew from my late teens that a career in one type of job was never going to be me as I have a huge inner urge for travel.

I have certainly worked a lot, in all sorts of different jobs from sales, gardening, building, retail, leisure, pest control to name but a few.

My Traveluk affiliate marketing training

As mentioned I love to travel and travel I have, backpacking around North and South America. All over Europe and the south Pacific. Most years during my 20's and 30's I would take off for several months with just a rucksack.

I have liveuk affiliate marketing trainingd in a number of places too most notably Portugal, Spain, Tahiti and the South of France. Of all these places Spain has the biggest pull as I just love all things Spanish.

For the last 6 years though I have permanently based myself between my home in Paris and my home in Surrey, very close to where I grew up.

My Interests

My interests cover a broad range with personal development, languages (French and Spanish), the environment and internet marketing being the main ones. In fact two of these interests, personal development and internet marketing I have managed to make a very good living from.

Online Success

uk affiliate marketing trainingIt was when I first arrived in Paris that I realised it would be difficult to get a job as my French then was non existent. So I turned to the internet for answers and by chance I stumbled upon an American company promoting personal development products and courses that I in turn could promote too.

I got started, pulled my hair out for a while and then began to make money. I won an award for top producer and traveled the world to various company seminars.

I was hooked on this internet thingy. And this is what I have done ever since although I only stayed with the American company for 2 years. Since then I have mainly been involved in affiliate marketing as well as coaching others who wish to make a living online.

uk affiliate marketing training

I can help you

The thing with the internet is that it gives you freedom. Freedom to live your life as you so wish to as well as the potential to earn more than you evuk affiliate marketing traininger could in a job and without the need of a boss or a fixed schedule.

If you are looking for more time freedom and looking to boost or replace your income then my training can help you do this.

Thank you, Nick

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